New marketing strategies are essential in meeting the changing customer needs and increasing profitability, and short message service marketing is one of the best recent strategies. The technique relies on permission-based messaging to promote products and services to potential customers. SMS marketing services aren’t just meant to attract new customers and maintain the loyalty of recurring ones. There are different services you can try, with one of the best ones being

How they work

For SMS marketing to work, the customers have to opt into the service by entering a specific code that allows the marketing software to capture the phone number. The software will send a response to confirm receipt of the code and opt to outnumber that the customer can use. Once phone numbers are captured on the database, you have to create messages that you can send to them as notification of new promotions and offers or any other information. Your messages can also be about new deals you have coming up or other products and services you have added to your brand.

Some SMS marketing platforms like come with advanced features that include two-way communication features. Your customers can respond to your message, allowing you to make further changes to improve your products and profit margin. The common elements found in an SMS marketing tool include:

Opt-in options

Apart from keying in shortcodes, customers can also opt into the SMS service by filling a form on the website or filling paper forms. You could also use promotions to get your customers to use the codes. Try hosting contests or asking them to give feedback.

Phone numbers

Choosing the kind of phone number you want to use for your short message service is also an essential element of this kind of marketing. You could use a short code, which is sorter than phone numbers, and are easier to remember. You could also use a toll-free phone number that your customers can text back without incurring any costs, making it great for two-way communication.


With this option, your customers will get a response from you every time they use the service. allows you to customize the response you want to give your customers, which means it could be a simple “thank you”, or information about promotions you have.

Studies have shown that most consumers prefer SMS marketing to push notifications and email marketing. The technique also allows you to target leads that are likely to be converted. It is an effective and less costly method of communicating with your customers.