Lemon laws allow buyers of vehicles that fail to operate correctly, referred to as lemons, to be protected. Lemon laws involve cover that relates to issues that impact the vehicle’s mechanics, value, or safety. The owner must repurchase the vehicle or replace it with a new one if the manufacturer or dealer isn’t able to deal with the matter after several attempts. This is where a lemon law attorney comes in. With the help of an attorney, you’ll be able to find out exactly what you’re entitled to by way of compensation and have the matter dealt with as it should.

How Do Lemon Laws Work?

Lemon laws tend to cover the purchase of a new vehicle, however, they can differ between each state. There may be a certain amount of time whereby you have to file your case for a lemon. Lemon laws were introduced to make it less likely for a problem to occur in the first place. The thought was that if the law is put in place, manufacturers will take more care so as not to sell a faulty vehicle.

The California Lemon Law

In California, the lemon law works to effect protection for those who buy or lease a car that’s still within the warranty period. For those serving in the Armed Forces, the lemon law protects them, even if they bought their car in another state outside of California. Also, it’s not just newly made vehicles that are protected. You’ll still be able to benefit from the lemon law if you’ve purchased a second-hand vehicle, but it’s still under the new-car warranty. It doesn’t matter how long is left before the warranty runs out, if you’re facing issues with your vehicle within that time, you should still be entitled to lemon law compensation while in California.

How many times should the vehicle have been attempted to be repaired before you’re entitled to a lemon? Although there’s no direct answer to this, you might want to consider the following factors when trying to determine if the lemon law applies to your situation. These include:

  • The issues started within the first 18 months of driving it (or after 18,000 miles)
  • You attempted to have your vehicle fixed at least four times but this hasn’t occurred
  • 30 days have passed and your vehicle is still not drivable

Your California Lemon Law Attorney

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