The world of healthcare is filled with a lot of doctors, but every one that is going to become part of the healthcare industry is not going to become a medical doctor. Everyone does not have the money to go to medical school or the grades to get into medical school, but there are other options.

Abundant Healthcare Options

A plethora of people do not have the patience or the skills to work these long tedious hours that many doctors work. Fortunately, every medical degree does not require professionals that are donning a prestigious white coat. In fact, everyone that becomes part of the healthcare industry does not have to cut open cadavers and become masters of sleep deprivation as many doctors do.

Occupational Therapist

The role of the occupational therapist is one that receives quite a bit of attention. People that acquire a master of occupational therapy degree are not always given the same type of accolades that many doctors in emergency rooms or private practices are given, but people recognize the skills of these medical professionals.

The people that want to be helpful to anyone that has been injured will be inspired in this field. Medical professionals that are working in this area of healthcare find themselves connecting with patients of varying ages. There are people with disabilities and mental health problems that need the assistance of the upcoming candidates of the master of occupational therapy degree.

Registered Nurses

All of those that are interested in nursing may find themselves with a number of different job opportunities. Nurses are always needed. There is never a time where there is not a need for a nurse even in a healthcare environment. These registered nurses tend to be the ones that handle a lot of administrative duties. They also oversee LPNs and medical assistants. These registered nurses acquire a mental list of multiple patients and their ailments.

Nurse Practitioner

People that go to urgent care facilities to see doctors typically get nurse practitioners on a regular basis. These practitioners tend to be the ones that run these facilities. They have a lot of the same experience as doctors. They have even taken extensive courses and spent almost as much money as doctors have spent when it comes to their education.


Everyone is not going to have their mindset towards dealing with every part of the body. There are going to be some people that want to focus on a specialty area. There are people that get familiar with breast cancer patients and they have the desire to help those that are afflicted with this disease.

Medical Transcriptionists

Some aspiring healthcare professionals avoid sticking people with needles, collecting urine samples and all the other fun things that medical assistants and nurses do. Anyone that is interested in managing data can work well in the medical transcription area. These are people that get familiar with medical codes and the chicken scratch that doctors call signatures as they update patient records.