The spine has an important role to play in all aspects of health. Whether you lead an active lifestyle or are more sedentary, your spine is vital to doing the tasks that help you to achieve your goals in life.

A strong healthy spine allows you to communicate well with others. Your spine also plays a vital role in ensuring that every limb in your body can function as it should.

Relaying Messages

The tough bone in the exterior of the spine helps to protect the spinal cord. The spinal cord is like an information superhighway within your body. In fact, it is one of many systems that are designed to transmit messages across your entire body.

When your spinal cord is damaged communication can be severely affected. For example, you may feel tingling in another part of your body because nerves are being compressed. You may even have a loss of communication, which you may experience as numbness in a particular area of your body.

Flexibility for Work and Other Activities

In any given day, you may have to bend and pick something up or reach for your tools or something on a shelf. All of these movements are possible because of the way that your spine has been designed.

You’re spine can bend in a number of different directions and helps to support all types of movement. When you watch a dancer in action or a football player catch a ball after running at top speed, you can see just a little of what their spine is required to do.

If your spine isn’t healthy you won’t be able to do any of the things that you’re required to at your regular job. Even if you would normally sit at a desk and then take a break and come back, your spine is needed to support your upper body while you work at the computer or examine files.

Support your Core

Unless you’re bedridden, you’re likely to sit, stand, walk or run almost daily. All of this would not be possible if you didn’t have a fairly strong core. At you can learn more about keeping your core strong.

If your abdominal muscles aren’t as strong as you would like them to be, they still lend support to the bones, ligaments and other structures in and around your spine that keep your core strong. A strong spine in turn allows you to walk to work, carry heavy bags home from the corner shop and even climb a tree without a problem.