Looking for a luxury dog hotel that can give your pooch the best amenities and comfort? Don’t just book the first facility you see online- you’ll need to find out if the hotel is the best fit for your pet.

Check out these 4 things that can give you an idea of whether a particular boarding option is worthy of your pooch’s stay.

1. What Kind of Care Do They Provide?

The first thing you should do when browsing potential luxury hotels for pets is to see what kind of services they provide. Nowadays, pet hotels offer a wide range of care, from nature walks to spas and even training sessions.

Puparazzi in Los Angeles has some well-rounded services such as home care, bed and biscuit, pick up and drop off and general doggy daycare, among others.

2. What’s Included in Their Packages?

More often than not, you’ll see packages for one, two or a week’s stay, which may be priced lower than a per-day basis, but make sure to see what’s included and what’s not.

Come up with a list for your particular pooch- does he or she want long walks in the garden or just staying at an air-conditioned room and enjoying a drink? Will you want your pet to be trained or learn something new while you’re gone?

Don’t hesitate to call the hotel and ask about their pricing if it’s not clearly stated on their website.

3. Do They Adhere to Industry Standards?

You’ll certainly want only the best for your best friend, and this means seeing if the hotel where he or she will be staying is compliant with industry standards.

Facilities that have been certified by recognized professional organizations should take top consideration. For instance, IBPSA members are bound by local, state and federal law, and its staff are continually trained with education courses.

Certifications go a long way towards easing your worries, especially if you’re going for a couple of days or more.

4. Can You See Your Dog While You’re Gone?

Luxury hotels not only provide care for your dogs but also allow owners to view them over the web. Puparazzila.com lets you choose from several webcam options so you can look up and see how your dog is doing.

Good luxury hotels should have several contact numbers via phone or chat so you can give them a call. The staff should always be friendly and accommodating as well.